Advanced Python Backdoor: Master Script of Hacking

python advanced backdoor

Install Pip Modules in Stealth Mode: try: #checking module, if installed or not import requests except: #if module not installed,it will be automatically installed in hidden mode def main(): import os, subprocess update_pip = ‘pip install …

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5 Efficient Ways: Web Scraping Amazon

web scraping amazon

How to use web scraping amazon: Web Scraping amazon, we are going to see how we can scrape the amazon customer review using Beautiful Soup in Python. Module needed and installation: BeautifulSoup: Our primary module contains …

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Master Methods: Web Scraping Amazon Using Python

web scraping amazon using python

  Sample Url File: How to use Web Scraping Amazon? Module needed and installation: pip install bs4 pip install lxml pip install requests Approach: First, we are going to import our required libraries. Then we will …

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Master Method: POST PUT DELETE Get Requests In Python

get post put delete requests

Installation: pip install requests   Sending GET requests in Python using requests import requests url = ‘’ response = requests.get(url) # <Response [200]> print(response) # 200 print(response.status_code) # { # “userId”: 1, # “id”: 1, # …

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